Taking Care of Your Vacuum Truck Equipment


Just like any another equipment, it is essential that you take good care of your vacuum truck equipment. This will improve the safety that is involved in taking care of the heavy duty sewer vacuum trucks. The ability to create a more significant sanction makes the work of the operator much easier. However, this may become dangerous if you do not frequently check the parts of the sewer vacuum truck. Vacuum trucks are an essential in ensuring everyone lives in a waste-free environment. Vacuum trucks are used to clean up clogged drains and empty sewers in your home at work and surrounding restaurants.

Vacuum trucks at haaker.com are dependent on regular servicing and maintenance on both the working parts and also the holding tank. The vacuum truck will contain a lot of parts that work seamlessly to deliver an effective suction.You should continuously service and repair parts of a vacuum tank to avoid a breakdown which would cause a waste management disaster.

Among the most common failures of a vacuum truck is the hydraulic failure.This can be common due to contaminated hydraulic fluid or even mechanical failure. Therefore ensure that you do flushing and cleaning preferably twice a year. Ensure that you also check the filters and the seals every month. If you detect any weakness in the seals and filters then ensure that they are replaced immediately. In addition to this the level of the hydraulic fluid needs to be consistent, and thus the level should be checked each week. The hydraulic fluid should be checked for contamination each month, and if contamination with water or any other material is detected, then it should be identified immediately.

You should also take regular monitoring and servicing of filters, vacuum pumps and all the valves of the tank. Ensure that you clean or change any clogged filters. Take a keen interest in fluid levels such as oil, transmission and the coolant to ensure that they don’t go below the required minimum. For further details on how to take care of your vacuum truck equipment, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_truck.

Constant cleaning of the entire vacuum truck is essential to ensure it is functioning to its maximum. This allows removing materials that would be corrosive if it sits for long on the vacuum truck. Proper care of your vacuum truck will keep it working at its peak condition for a long time. You can see more and also a guide of the truck parts that you may need at Haaker Equipment Company website at haaker.com.

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